I believe that cities are catalysts for innovation—every citizen and developer shares responsibility for the city in which they live, and equally shares the potential to bring positive change to that place. Neighborgood is a community consensus building tool that helps citizens redesign their neighborhoods.

Role — Front-End Development, Typography, Content Strategy, Game Design

I joined IDEO’s R&D lab for a week-long design sprint centered on their Collaborative Cities portfolio.

Our goal was to 'trim the fat' off the development process. In our expert interviews, one thing was very clear: the development process can go on for what seems like forever.

This platform is an open, inclusive, and flexible web-based community consensus-building tool that gives neighbors in the community an opportunity to contribute feedback for ongoing development projects in their neighborhood to ultimately come to a win-win solution.

I was taking the photo _(:3 」∠)_

I used the Unity game engine to build a narrative-complete, minimum viable product: a 3D interactive customer-facing web app.