LinkedIn Design Systems

At LinkedIn, I worked in close collaboration with designers and web developers to design the next-gen UI and brand framework that all product teams use to craft awesome, consistent, and brilliant user experiences that deliver value to members across all LinkedIn touchpoints.

Role — Documentation, UX, Brand Guidelines

🌈️Design System
The purpose of brand guidelines is consistency

📱💻 Cross-Platform
All touchpoints matter! The brand lives on mobile screens, in social media posts, on the web, in emails among other places.

🧩 Component Library
Authored thousands of interactive components in Figma for designers to drag and drop into their mockups.

🌐️ Accessibility/Localization
All about inclusive design — localization, internationalization, usability, etc. 

🔧 Specs Tools
Making the design to development handoff more efficient. Provided spec tools to LinkedIn designers to mark up their deliverables.

🚀 Documentation
Launching the brand into the wild  — on-boarding internal folks to their new brand guidelines with documentation on Microsoft SharePoint.