Get Funked Up

Step into a galaxy far, far way with Get Funked Up: an interactive virtual reality soundscape. You are taking a ride on a vinyl record player spaceship through the cosmos for the funkiest experience of your life.

Role — Creative & Art Direction, VR Development

Get Funked Up is a unique immersive experience inspired by my obesssion with NASA’s Voyager 1 mission, AfroFuturism and classic & contemporary funk music. This feel-good virtual reality experience is soundtracked by timeless hits from the Parliament, Erykah Badu, Sly & the Family Stone, FKA Twigs, Funkadelic, Childish Gambino, Sunni Colon, and Jay Versace. Select the album covers and listen.

I’ve always been fascinated with 3D Interfaces and mobile AR/VR apps. In this project, I challenged myself to craft my own 3D mobile app using my knowlege in AR/VR technologies.

Select the AR icon
and scan the QR code

Ideation scribbles

Album Cover

NASA Voyager 1 (1977)


Featured Music:

Parliament ········· “P-Funk Wants To Get Funked Up”
Sly & The Family Stone ······ “If You Want Me To Stay”

Funkadelic ······· “Maggot Brain”
Sunni Colon ········· “Supernova”
Erykah Badu ······· “Incense”
FKA Twigs ······· “Preface”
Jay Versace ······· “Heavun”