Future of Work: Non-Obstructive Assisted Reality (AR)

In this project, I explored the many possibilities for the future of work for modern frontline workers. As hybrid work becomes the new norm, a digitally empowering deskless workforce will provide organizations a competitive edge.

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For this project, I used RealWear head-mounted displays, which allow the modern frontline workforce to connect with experts and access information in real-time while freeing their hands to enhance safety, collaborate, and reduce equipment downtime.

To showcase this technology, I developed a proof of concept for the Vantage application on RealWear. RealWear is an assisted reality HMD. At the time, the Vantage app was already available on mobile devices, but it had not yet been introduced to HMDs. With this project, I initiated that introduction.

In this project, I used instructions for making a PB&J sandwich as a parody of work instructions.

Check out some of the sketches for the project:

Low-Fidelity Sketches

High-Fidelity Sketches
Procedure Overview - a summary of the steps for making a PB&J sandwich.

User Flow and Edge Cases
close up shot

I had a blast working on this project and exploring the possibilities of non-obstructive assisted reality. Not only does this technology have the potential to revolutionize the way we work, but it also has the potential to increase safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Don't forget to check out the Vantage app I designed as the Lead Designer on the Vuforia Mixed Reality HMD team at PTC, which is available on the RealWear Marketplace.