AR Solutions for Spatial Training

As the Lead Augmented Reality Designer for the Vuforia Mixed Reality HMD (head-mounted display) team at PTC, I helped shape the vision for our customers' workflow and worked on industrial AR spatial training. Here's an overview of my work:

Role(s) — Augmented Reality Prototyping, Unity Development, UX Design, Technical Writing, Pilot Testing

Spatial computing is the future! With digital twin renderings, machines can interact seamlessly with people in their environment. Vuforia AR Enterprise suite of applications is a unique solution for large persistent AR experiences. It enables companies to close the loop on performance management, improve machine learning capabilities with spatial analytics, and optimize design and factory floor operations.

I helped build the Vuforia AR Enterprise Product Portfolio to help customers drive digital transformation and improve productivity. Think of me as someone who can help create these digital twin experiences for companies!

Spatial Computing + AR Vision
The factory floor of the future calls for ‘Augmented Factory Operations’ at scale by providing individual frontline workers with digital tools designed to enhance the way they work.

Build an Industrial AR cloud (”Metaverse”)

A scalable, persistent and spatial fabric that enables augmented reality operations at scale by:
  1. Providing tools that help gain context from the environment & contribute information back to the space.
  2. Facilitating relevant data & content to be spatially organized & accessible in the right place & at the right time (data/content could be IoT, PLM, ERP, MES, Documentation).
  3. Enhancing collaboration & visibility with a shared perspective or spaces across multiple parties.
  4. Expanding upon the functionality of other Vuforia solutions allowing them to scale spatially (spatially locatable/searchable procedures, Chalk calls, etc.).

What is a “Spatial Digital Twin”?

  • A “Spatial Digital Twin” is a collaborative, persistent, world-locked digital virtualization of a physical environment used to facilitate a bi-directional transfer of data between the digital & physical worlds.
  • It is accessible by parties on-site by superimposing context with an augmented overlay of the twin against the environment, and accessible by remote parties
  • Spatial Digital Twins can be used for: Contextualizing objects with a space with digital information curated for maximizing the productivity of individual roles; enabling a multi-party spatial communication medium that can use the topology of the environment as a canvas for collaboration; unlocking a new dimension of spatial traceability

Hypothesis: Value of Spatial Digital Twin

A Spatial Digital Twin is a collaborative, persistent, world-locked digital virtualization of a physical environment used to facilitate a bi-directional transfer of data between the digital & physical worlds.

Spatial Prototype Workflow
Setup: Develop an environmental model with descriptive labels as temporary placeholders for digital content. Match the model to a 3D scan of the environment using an Area Target.

“As part of the team, I contributed to building the interaction pattern for creating a 3D scan of a space. This allows the creation of an Area Target, which enables the delivery of augmentations to stationary objects in the scanned environment. For an example of this technology in action, check out the Cereal-ARtist project.”

AuthoringView the model in a dollhouse perspective and attach content to the descriptive placeholders.
Use Vuforia Expert Capture, Vuforia Chalk, and Vuforia Studio AR products to provide in-context operational data & documentation, procedural guidance, spatial assignments & navigation, etc. through the experience.

“I also contributed to launching the Vuforia Capture app on HoloLens 2. The Vuforia Capture app is an industrial AR app that enables workers to create and share AR content.”

ConsumptionUsing Vuforia Vantage AR product, the general idea is that when the app recognizes a QR code, it should inititate the spatial training experience. 

“In addition to contributing to these apps, I also contributed to launching the Vuforia Vantage app on HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, and RealWear devices. The Vuforia Vantage app is an industrial AR app that enables workers to access digital work instructions, 3D models, and more.”