AR Demo Summit

Welcome to my creative journey in crafting unforgettable branding experiences for high-profile conferences like the AR Demo Summit at Meta.

Role — Creative Visionary, Production Artist

It all begins with a ping from a big wig in the company...

This is the familiar starting point for many of my conference-related projects — someone entrusting me with the visual branding, because my expertise is highly regarded. After all, you can’t spell 'Branding' without 'Brandi' (that's me). 

This time, I faced an exciting challenge with a tight deadline of just around 2.5 weeks. My mission: to create stunning branding materials—posters, booth signage, forms, demo lists, stickers, and more—for Meta Reality Labs' prestigious AR Demo Summit.

The AR Demo Summit is a dazzling showcase of the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

It unites developers, designers, and industry leaders to share their innovations and insights.

The summit features live demos, captivating presentations, and immersive workshops on diverse AR topics, from hardware to software and user experience. It's an opportunity for attendees to witness the cutting edge of AR technology and ignite their own creative spark.


And it concluded with heartfelt gratitude...